When your horse is barely tall enough to see over the jumps at Spruce Meadows, Calgary!

Canada is a vast country … and their showjumps aren’t far behind! However, both Loekie van’t Lindenhof z (Toulon x Nonstop) and Knockout rose to the occasion and jumped like heroes!... despite Knockout barely being able to see over the fences!
Published  10.06.2019
The ribbons during the first week went to the eight year old, who showed twice and was in the finishing 5 th and 2 nd and in the seven and eight year old class in the main international arena! One more flap of my arms and we could have had a rug! .. finishing just 0.03 seconds behind the winner the second day!


The technicality and height of the 5* grand prix was on a different level again from La Baule’s nation cup, but once again Knockout rose to the challenge and aside from a learning mistake by me coming to the combination at the end of the course we completed a pretty much foot perfect round!

To train and compete at Spruce Meadows is the most amazing learning and educational opportunity for both the horses and myself. To add to this the opportunity of being helped by the legendry Eric Lamaze whilst here is unbelievable! These next five weeks will pay huge dividends in the future, not just in respect to the experience the two horses here are getting, but also the accelerated learning I am obtaining. This will without doubt enable me to add value to all the IN Showjumpers horses and the business in the years ahead!
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