The 8yos step up to the big sport

Its been a very successful two weeks here at Sunshine Tour, with several of our special 8yos stepping up to the big sport, and we've picked up some great results along the way. All the horses are feeling on top form and thriving in the great weather and fantastic facilities at this wonderful show. 
Published  11.03.2020

Week 3 

Week three was a successful one for the 8yos I ride- and on the Thursday we had a  day full of clear rounds - The handsome and scopey stallion HOCUS POCUS (Ultimo x Kojak) produced an eye catching clear on the grass to start the day, and this was followed by  MA POMME DE TAMERVILLE (Deauville x Contendro II) and DAUWDRUPPEL T&L Z (Deauville x For Pleasure) both jumping clear in the 1.40m – with MA POMME picking up 5th in a fast class of nearly 100 entries.

On saturday DAUWDRUPPEL T&L Z followed up her placing earlier in the week with a very impressive round in her first 1.45m class. 

We finished the week on a high, with LOEKI VAN HET LINDEHOF continuing his amazing run of consistent rounds and success. He jumped another fast clear in the Medium Tour 1.40m in the main arena for second place, narrowly missing out on the win.

Week 4 

Week 4 was even better and a very special mention has to also go to two of the mares who have proved this week that perseverance and patience really does pay off, the development in them both over the last two months was unimaginable three months ago!

DAUWDRUPPEL T&L Z (8yo Deauville De La Vie X For Pleasure) had an exceptional week, jumping two fantastic rounds in main grass arena, in the 1.40-45m Massimo Dutti Trophy Medium Tour and the Medium Tour 1.45m Grand Prix.  She gives a feeling of unbelievable power around these tracks, and rose to the occasion and atmosphere as if she had been doing it all her life. We needed no proof she can jump the moon… but she certainly showed anybody watching she could do that and more!

Relentless patience and finding the right key for the engine is the answer to success in every top highly tuned sports car- she has always been a special horse in the making but the right key took us a while to find! 


ILLUSION (7yo Vittorio x Voltaire) stepped up in a big way this week, jumping an amazing clear in the 1.35m – she finally woke up and believed in herself,  instead of getting frustrated when things became difficult… how many of us could learn from this! It was a fantastic feeling for all the work the entire team have put in come together in the ring. 


8yo MA POMME DE TAMERVILLE had another successful week, jumping clear in the Medium Tour 1.40m for 8th place on friday, and HOCUS POCUS finished the week off nicely with a clear and placing in the 1.30m. 

A huge thank you has to go the team behind the scenes without whose relentless hard work, passion and care, we wouldnt be able to achieve these results. The horses are looking and feeling on incredible form and its the work of a whole team that gets them to this stage- so thank you! 

Bring on week 5! 

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