Spruce Meadows – isn’t just a competition it is a life experience!

I can know say with first-hand experience the educational benefit for both horses and riders from
spending 5 weeks at the Spruce Meadows 5* Summer Series cannot be underestimated.
Published  08.07.2019
It was an opportunity of a life time when Eric Lamaze opened the door for me to compete at Spruce Meadows with Knockout Van’t Paradijs and Loeki Van’t Lindenhof, the 9 year old and 8 year old young talents. I knew we needed to make this happen, even though for the two young horses it was a year earlier than planned. This type of an opportunity doesn’t happen every day…to compete at one of the best competition venues of the world with the legend Eric Lamaze… beyond amazing!

As the horses travel back today I can confirm this was a life changing experience. The learning
opportunity for both the horses and myself was priceless, both the horses and myself are travelling back to Europe stronger and wiser. What I learnt during four weeks of jumping at this magnificent venue under the watchful eye of one of the worlds best is career changing… Thank you Spruce Meadows and Eric Lamaze! Now as I return to Europe it is in my hands to put in place a training and show program to use this knowledge to not only take both these horses to the top of the sport, but also to share this knowledge with the IN Showjumpers riders and our other special horses at home.

Finally a tribute to the real heroes, Knockout and Loeiki themselves… they stepped up to the
occasion way beyond our expectations, cantering into the International Arena like seasoned
warriors, an arena where many horses shrink and shrivel. They loved the atmospheric grass ring
with its HUGE fences and long courses despite their inexperience and young years they showed their natural talent time and time again– brave, blood, scope! .. ears pricked even when the rain deluged from the sky!


Thank you to everyone that made this opportunity happen…
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