Edwina Tops-Alexander & Inca Boy van T Vianahof show off in Doha.

The IN Showjumpers team are thrilled to see the horse that they owned and that Tim Wilks rode and produced as a young horse, Inca Boy van T Vianahof (Diamant de Semilly / Cash) delivering his best together with the brilliant rider Edwina Tops-Alexander. 


Published  19.11.2017

Caroline Wilks says: 

"As Inca Boy’s 6-year-old year was drawing to an end in 2015, Patrick Vandereyt, who is part of the IN Showjumpers team, brought this exceptional horse to the attention of IN Showjumpers. Patrick had watched the horse already for 24 months being quietly produced by Ann Carton in Belgium, but it was always “not for sale”. Finally, Patrick asked at the right moment and two months later IN Showjumpers were the proud owners of this horse’s future. After a further 18 months of continuing Inca Boy's education as an 8-year-old, by the end of the Sunshine Tour in March 2017, his name was on everyone’s lips. It was only a matter of time before a sale was agreed, but the IN Showjumpers team couldn’t have been more delighted when it was Athina Onnasis under the watchful eye of Jan Tops, and Edwina Tops-Alexander who bought him.  For Patrick and myself, the pleasure of seeing him fly in Doha with Edwina couldn’t have been greater even if we still owned him today. 

For the future, we have another Inca look-alike quietly being produced at home. At Valkenswaard last summer he was the “talking horse” just like Inca was as a young horse, being so similar in type and look, scope and talent. For now, it is the job of the IN Showjumpers team to produce him quietly, to give him time to develop. We will definitely also see him fly at the top level in the future."


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