An exciting future ahead jumping for Canada!

It is with great pride and excitement that I can tell you that in the future I will be jumping under the Canadian Maple Leaf!
Published  12.09.2018
I have had dual nationality since I was born and a Canadian passport from the age of four, however initially it wasn’t a British passport I held alongside the Canadian passport but a Manx passport as I was actually born in the Isle of Man… also a red and white flag and interestingly three armoured legs with golden spurs!.. No gold spurs these days though and I think these would certainly be illegal!

The moto of the three legs “whichever way you throw me I will always stand” … certainly a vital
ingredient needed to be a successful athlete and sportsperson and showjumper today!

Like Canada, the Isle of Man is a Member of the British Commonwealth, albeit significantly smaller! My father is Canadian and for many years I have been interested in representing Canada. However at the time that I was about to make the step a few years ago I was asked to represent Great Britain on my first nations cup team which was an unexpected and amazing honour.

I would like to thank Tony Newbury for believing in me at the age of 21 years and the amazing horse I was very lucky to be riding Quelbora Merze… and we jumped double clear for the team on our first outing in Lisbon. This resulted in a second call up to jump at Falsterbo to jump for Great Britain where again we jumped double clear. A huge huge thank you for this opportunity and the team that supported me particularly Patrick Vandereyt my trainer and Charlie Gardner who looked after Quelbora.

However it is time for me to move on and follow my heart and the dream I have to represent Canada one day with same pride that I represented Great Britain in 2016.
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